Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Moving Scams Do Happen.... But not with CRS

I found this article very interesting today. Posted on USA Today, the article discusses how government is cracking down on moving scams. Moving scams, unfortunately do happen. They happen when you book your move with a non-reputable, un-affiliated mover that may not have the propper licenses. One of the many benefits of moving with CRS is that all of our movers are licensed, certified, reputable, national vanlines that we pre-screen. Check out this article, and make sure to give us a call when planning your next move and you won't turn out like the people featured in this article!

Governments crack down on moving scams

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Can't Sell Your Home? Consider Renting it Out

I just found this great article on msn and with knowing someone in this situation, I think it is an article worthy of posting! With the way home values are right now, it might not be worth trying to sell at this very moment. If you can handle being a landlord and have the time, drive and patience to do so, it is definitely something to consider. If you are in a situation like this, especially owning a second home that you may not need anymore, read this article for some insightful tips.
Can't Sell Your Home? Consider Renting it Out

July eNewsletter is out!

Check out this months Move eNews for our summer series topic #2: How to prepare for a delay should it occur

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer still going strong

In the past couple years, since the start of the "Great Depression" its been common for people in the industry to say; "was that summer?"  This mean, it just seemed to fissle out too early compared to the years leading up to the crash of the real estate market and financial melt down.  So far; "knock on wood"  it seems to be holding up, and the moving business continues to be very busy.

However, the industry has shrunk with driver shortages and some van lines reporting they have up to 30% less resources (drivers and trucks) to support this busy season.  Its interesting, with the continued poor stats in the real estate market,  that it still seems like many people are finally selling their homes.

Seems like there must be alot of cash sales with quick closings.  Last minute calls with very large moves seem to have increased dramatically.  Even with "closed out dates" we seem to still be able to service moves with one of our great moving partners even on a short notice.

Lets hope it all continues for the duration of the summer!