Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Further consolidation of moving companies good for CRS!

The announcement last week of Wheaton Van Lines' acquisition of Stevens Van Lines provides Consumers Relocation more capacity to serve our clients needs!  Wheaton Van Lines, one of our largest preferred moving partners, gains over 100 new agents and many more moving trucks in an industry where these assets are shrinking. 

Our customers and clients will see greater capacity during the spring, summer and fall busy seasons, and expanded coverage of localized areas through this acquisition.  What this likely means to customers is our increased ability to offer customers their preferred load and delivery dates during peak periods, more local storage locations at destination and/or origin, and great overall service.

Stevens Van Lines has been a well respected, well run van line for over 100 years.  Their agents, as Wheaton's, are top notch and their crews and drivers are great.

We look forward to offering this added service coverage to our Clients. 

Coming into the busy season now!  Call us or visit us through our website if your company is planning new or existing employee moves! 


Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Relocating long distance in the winter?

When I think of driving a long distance in the winter months, November through April, I always prepare for the worst in winter weather.  To us in Vermont, this means proper tires, a shovel, flash light, jumper cables and a warm blanket or two in the car.  You never know when you will be trapped in an impossible traffic jam caused by ice or snow, slide off the road, or be stranded in white out conditions.

In New England we take these harsh conditions into stride, but with the  recent weather events all over the country this winter I often think of those poor people that are not used to this wintry weather, and are stuck in it.

One thing we see time and time again are vehicles and owners thinking that all weather tires or new summer tires are just fine in the snow!?  If you are in the snow for any length of time you will appreciate your car's ability to operate safely with snow tires.  With all of the recent ice events, studded snow tires and 4 wheel drive make all the difference in the world in the way the automobile operates.

If you are relocating in the winter, and you need to drive through an area where winter weather is possible, watch weather reports for a number of days before your trip, equip your car with the list of items above and spend the extra money for good tires!  This will enable you to weather the bad driving conditions more safely and with less hassle.

Here is a good overview of  tire selection by Consumers Reports.


Friday, February 8, 2019

Tis the season in Moving!

CBS news Meg Oliver's piece on moving scams comes at an appropriate time of year.  As the moving season ramps up, its all important to know who the relocation and/or moving company is that may be moving your prize possessions!

The link below brings you to her well done story on moving scams, and in this case in the state of Florida.

Consumers Relocation has been providing move management services and vehicle shipping for over 25 years to the nations largest association's members, large and small company's employees, universities, college's  existing and newly hired employees.  We selected and vetted every moving services partner with which we work, and monitor their performance on every move.

Call us this spring for more information and to speak with one of our knowledgeable Consultants!