Thursday, November 5, 2015

Cold Weather Moving; Be Prepared

Although on the east coast it doesn't seem like winter is coming soon, parts of the west are experiencing colder temperatures, and snow!  Particularly if you plan to move a long distance, you should be aware of colder weather in portions of the country that you household goods may be traveling through.

Moving vans that are used to move your household goods are not heated!  What this means is that your belongings may be passing through areas where temperatures are freezing; creating a potential hazard for things that may freeze.  Since drivers are restricted to operating a certain number of house each day and do require rest and sleep the truck may be sitting overnight in a location that is COLD.

Be careful of transporting items that maybe adversely effected by extreme cold.  Plants, wine, or other liquids can freeze and not only ruin that item but cause damage to the surrounding shipment if they freeze.

Check the weather reports across the country ahead of time just as you might if you were making the drive yourself.  Severe weather may delay the shipment so prepare accordingly.  The van lines are subject to the same potential delays due to severe weather and snow/ice storms that anyone traveling might be.  If severe weather is in the forecast, perhaps make a back up plan if the shipment of household goods is delayed.

Since Consumers Relocation is located in Vermont, we are particularly well tuned into dealing with severe weather, cold, ice and snow.  The picture above was taken during a powder day at a local ski resort, Magic Mountain in Londonderry, VT.  An area well known for its great powder skiing when it arrives.