Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Vermont SHRM 2012

CRS attended Vermont's annual SHRM conference in Burlington last week.  The event included over 200 of Vermont's Human Resources managers for a 2 day conference.  This is the second year that CRS has attended this conference, and it has proven to be a great one for us to see our corporate accounts and meet new companies. 

As usual much interest was expressed for our services, and we are confident that we will be serving even more clients in Vermont and New England in the coming year. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Relocation Move Manager for Lump Sum or Companies with Less Structured Programs

Consumers Relocation provides moving services structured to accommodate companies that require their employees to participate in the administration of their moves. Typically these programs include:

  •  The company that offers a lump sum reimbursement of relocation expenses
  • Companies that have worked directly with van lines/movers
  •  The company that requires the transferee to obtain moving estimates on their own and submit them to the company.
  •  Or for company retirees moving on their own.
In both situations, Consumers Relocation reduces the administration required by both the transferee and the human resources personnel in obtaining and negotiating moving estimates, arranging for the many services that are required in a move, arranging for a direct billing to the company, and scheduling the move to minimize the employees time away from the job.

Administrators who have been working through employees to arrange for moving  estimates, or directly with movers/van lines find the administrative time by working with CRS in a managed  program reduces that time dramatically.  Employees are much more satisfied since they can work with a knowledgeable moving Consultant throughout their move. 

We will work directly with you and your employee structuring your program to fit best with your company’s current plan. Your employee or you can make the final selection of mover. We can arrange for your employee to pay for part or the entire move or have the cost direct billed to your company.

Consumers Relocation will save the company and the employee money in their move because of volume discounts and benefits provided due to our large volume of moves with the van lines. Our experience working with our van line partners for 15 years allows us to know the system and how to get things done that individuals or companies not in the transportation business may not be fully aware of.

Put the experts to work for you and your transferees! Make your job more effective and your transferee’s transition smoother. Call Consumers Relocation today and ask to speak with corporate marketing or send an e mail to directed to corporate marketing.