Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Second Half of July and August looking better for scheduling moves

Summer should be for relaxing!!
After a brutal May and June, there seems to be some availability right now for getting moves scheduled the second half of July.  We are able to find some dates with some van lines earlier, but very sporadic based on location and date. 

For moves during the next several weeks, expect to get only one estimate if we find a mover with an open date.  If you are moving after the middle of July and contact us now, we can get more than one estimate.  So, do not procrastinate in calling us to get started if you are moving in July or early August!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

If you are moving this summer call NOW to get the ground work completed!

Considering the previous posting about date restrictions, we actually see some windows in July.  Most of our carriers do have availability in the second half of the month, with some earlier.  So if you plan to move in July or even August you need to get started with CRS now even if you do not have exact dates in mind, 

Thus, we can get your moving estimates completed, and your move lined up ahead of time.  Then book the dates you are looking for at the point when you can determine what will be best.  But, you should get the ground work done now with us. 

Call today to speak with a Consultant who will find out more about your move, schedule up to 3 estimates with separate carriers,  compare the estimates for you and assist you in making a selection.  Then book your move when you know your moving dates.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Some Humor and Cake during busy moving season

If you have been reading our monthly E News, you know that our favorite past time in the CRS headquarters is cooking and eating.  WELL, Sue in our office showed up today with this beauty!!!!

Already digging into it at 11:10 AM with coffee!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Update on booking and loading move dates

We see some opening up of availability for our moves in July.  We have been able to accommodate some customers wanting to move in June on a case by case basis.  Just this morning, a person being moved by a corporation who has 5 contracts direct with van lines was unable to move an employee the end of this month.  They called us and we were able to fit them in on one of our movers trucks.  We do work directly with local agents who may be able to assist even in "black out" dates where as many corporate contracts just deal with one agent, and the van line.  This provides us the ability to go deeper into a van lines agent structure to seek out available space on trucks that may be dispatched around the country on a "self haul" move.
Best advice, give us a call if you are in need of a mover and having difficult finding one can work with you on your moving dates.  Call 802-824-3496 and ask to speak with a Consultant or go to

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Consumers Relocatioin June E News

Our June E News will be out this week!  Full of helpful information on moving PLUS a glimpse at what goes on inside CRS.  Its always interesting and fun.

If you do not get our e news and would like to be on our list, go to our website and click on Subscribe to E News.  Our site is

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Crazy Spring/Summer!

Many van lines are out of capacity for June!  It's only June5.  With the reduction of drivers,truck availability and general contraction of the resources in the industry over the past several years coupled with a surge in moves, most van lines are at total capacity for June.  Restrictions on loading dates in June started early on in May. 

Some van lines have taken a conservative approach to not over book.  Some have restricted bookings early in order to prevent shipments from sitting in warehouses until trucks are available to load and delivery shipments.  We have heard with some van lines shipments are already sitting in warehouses uncovered.  Hopefully we do not have any of our customers shipments sitting.  We do take precautions to prevent this from happening!

Hopefully, capacity will return in July!  We at CRS have really never had to turn down shipments. But for the month of June we are checking on every new move that comes in to be sure it can be serviced before we begin our customers in the process. If you can delay your move until July, do so now if you are not already booked for loading in June.  If you are moving in July or August, CALL CRS NOW to get started so we can book your move ahead of time. 

Normally we do get 3 estimates for each move, but with this capacity issue, it may be smart to book your move as soon as we send the surveyor out to do an estimate.  We can advise you as to whether the estimate you have gotten through one of our moving partners is in order, and according to our contractual terms with them.  If so, the estimate of cost WILL be very competitive and serviced properly.