Monday, August 29, 2011

Consumers Relocation offices dodge a bullet with Hurricane Irene Flooding

Southern Vermont was particularly hard hit by flooding from Irene yesterday.  Virtually the entire downtown of Londonderry, Vermont was flooded by the West River which runs right through the downtown and right by our offices.  In fact you can look out our window at the West River.  Flood levels have not been this high since 1973 flooding.  A total of 10 inches of rain fell over a period on Sunday.  Fortunately, our offices were just barely high enough to avoid any water damage.  What follows are pictures taken yesterday in Londonderry,  Also included is one of Lake Champlain.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Back to College time! Getting the stuff to school

People are calling about getting their college students things back to college.   That time of year.  Mostly the calls involve moving a car, and perhaps a small amount of belongings.  Consumers Relocation can assist moving your students vehicle to school and in many cases their belongings if it involves some furniture in addition to the usual boxes.

We arrange for economical means to transport cars throughout the country.  Offering either door to door service or terminal to terminal service for your student's auto, allow choices to fit into yours and their budget.  For AAA members there is an added discount.  True with most auto carriers, you can not expect to put your students boxes in the auto.  If they have just boxes, perhaps UPS and FED EX ground might be the better option. 

We have one partner who offers a drive your auto service,  We can arrange to have them arrive at your home, pick up the car, then drive it the school.  This service allows for personal belongings to be placed into the vehicle for the trip, and even for the student to ride in the car,  The delivery times for this service are much shorter since the auto is being driven straight through to destination. 

.For students moving more than couple boxes, we car arrange to have their belongings shipped by professional movers.  During August, most movers will charge for a minimum of 2100 lb shipments.  As we get into September some will drop that minimum to 1000 lb.  If you are shipping 2 room's worth of things, and/or boxes with many books or heavy objects, then the 2100 lb minimum will not be a problem.  We can save you and your student expense and time in making arrangements.  We will order up to 3 moving estimates, and assist you in setting the move up and throughout the duration of the move.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

our August eNewsletter is hot off the press!

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