Thursday, February 23, 2012

Carefully managing your move at loading and unloading

We have talked about how important it is for families moving to be attentive to details, particularly at loading and unloading of their belongings by the movers.  At the time of loading the driver will produce an inventory listing all  the boxes and items that are being loaded into the truck.  On this list the driver will indicate the condition of items it there is some question.  Once the truck is loaded you will be asked to acknowledge that everything on the list had been loaded and agree with his notations.

At unloading the same list is used to document what is being unloaded and the condition at unloading.  Again the driver will ask for a signature acknowledging  the delivery of all the items that were  loaded and a notation of the condition.  This final document requires a signature as well and will be used if you file a claim for missing or damaged items.

I can not stress how important this documentation and the accuracy of the documentation is.  All van lines use the inventory/bill of lading and signatures to document what was actually damaged and/or missing.

At Consumers Relocation our Consultants stress how important this process is, and the booklet that each customer receives from us, Moving Facts, devotes 3 pages to loading and delivery.  The documentation process is highlighted in each section. 

If you are moving or know anyone  that is, please have them read this article on our blog since it is so important and often overlooked. 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Many improving housing markets being reported

A number of real estate blogs and sites are reporting that the number of improving markets are growing.  The National Association of Home Builders reports that the list of improving markets has grown to 100!

 The fact that there are nearly 100 markets now on the improving list shows that the momentum is building for a housing recovery and that more buyers and sellers are starting to feel confident enough to return to the market," said Kurt Pfotenhauer, vice chairman of First American Title Insurance Company.

Check  out the dramatic growth of these markets they report. Pretty impressive.

We all know that markets are very localized.  But with  a rapid expansion like this perhaps the spring market will see a rebound.

One source predicts in the Northeast several  markets in New York will  improve including Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse.  Also, southern New Hampshire should improve as well.