Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Packing, loading and unloading day- put valuables away

During the very hectic days when movers are packing, loading or delivering your household goods, be sure to put your valuables away in a safe place.  Way to often, we hear of customers during these busy days loosing watches, rings, money and the like just to find them later packed in a box or misplaced. 

Common sense dictates when workers or anyone providing services in your home you should put valuable things in a place that is secure and you will remember.  This also means probably not a good idea to store them in a shoe box that can be mistaken for garbage or in a purse that you leave out.  I liken this to Christmas time or other celebrations when presents are opened and wrappings, empty boxes are taken out as garbage or taken to the attic to reuse next year.  And sure enough, your new shirt, or jewelry is missing.

While it is possible, not probably that someone may have taken an item; you must remember that all workers entering you home have been background checked and vetted as much as possible. 

So during these busy moving days using your good common sense about your valuables could save everyone much heartache or concern.