Thursday, July 31, 2014

August much more open for booking moves

It's Summer and the weather is great but the moving industry is BUSY!

In general, we have seen some easing  in the capacity issues of June and July.  For the most part, the companies which we use are available for moves after this week, and certainly after next week.  There are still regions that continue to be tighter- specifically the Northeast and somewhat in the west where the carbon emissions regulations have decreased the number of trucks available in California. 

If you plan to move in August, call us now so we can get you the moving dates you need!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Through June, and well into July- Moving has been hectic

June was as predicted, particularly the final weeks of the month where many, many families tried to fit in their moves.  While most of our shipments were on time within the delivery spreads, there were some that were late due to the 100% capacity of all the Van Lines.

When the Van Lines are at 100% capacity as there were in June and now for much of July, and something happens to one driver or one truck to delay it; there might not be any other options for the Van Line to back up this truck or driver since they are at 100% capacity.  Local pick ups can occur to accommodate the load dates, but this might mean that a long distance driver and/or truck are not immediately available to replace the originally assigned driver/truck who was held up.

July is also very booked up, in many cases 100% through the end of the month for new bookings or loading dates.  So, if you have not booked your move yet; better book it in August as soon as you can choose a date.  If you plan to move in August better get started with us now getting estimates as we are not sure what August will bring.

Our new business coming in this month; in July; has been very good and looking like it significantly more that any July in the last 3 to 4 years.