Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Many saw a short moving season this summer

Crazy summer 2012!  Unfortunately many van lines were caught off guard for the rapid spike in demand early on.  May's demand continued on into June, creating stress on van lines with reduced assets and drivers.

Over the last several years, many companies reduced their capacity by up to 40% matching the reduction in business since the recession began.  Ramping up for this past summer did not happen and many companies were blacking out load dates more than a month in advance.  July was for many companies a catch up month repositioning trucks and crews, as well as taking care of shipments that had been held in warehouse.

For CRS, August proved to be much more orderly, with less scrambling to cover shipments.  Throughout the summer, all of our corporate account moves were taken care of within the time frames required.  However, we have heard of many people that had difficult times finding available movers.

We have developed our network of suppliers over the last 19 years, and possess the most comprehensive network available.  Our supply line takes us right down to the local agents of all the mover and van lines we contract with.  During peak periods we go beyond the van line's traffic departments to the local/regional agents who can haul long distance or regionally with their own available equipment, operating under the van line's authority and our agreements.

Gear up for 2013 and contact CRS to move your employees now.  Our programs are flexible allowing us to fashion a Household Goods Move Management program to meet your corporate objectives.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Vermont SHRM 2012

CRS attended Vermont's annual SHRM conference in Burlington last week.  The event included over 200 of Vermont's Human Resources managers for a 2 day conference.  This is the second year that CRS has attended this conference, and it has proven to be a great one for us to see our corporate accounts and meet new companies. 

As usual much interest was expressed for our services, and we are confident that we will be serving even more clients in Vermont and New England in the coming year. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Relocation Move Manager for Lump Sum or Companies with Less Structured Programs

Consumers Relocation provides moving services structured to accommodate companies that require their employees to participate in the administration of their moves. Typically these programs include:

  •  The company that offers a lump sum reimbursement of relocation expenses
  • Companies that have worked directly with van lines/movers
  •  The company that requires the transferee to obtain moving estimates on their own and submit them to the company.
  •  Or for company retirees moving on their own.
In both situations, Consumers Relocation reduces the administration required by both the transferee and the human resources personnel in obtaining and negotiating moving estimates, arranging for the many services that are required in a move, arranging for a direct billing to the company, and scheduling the move to minimize the employees time away from the job.

Administrators who have been working through employees to arrange for moving  estimates, or directly with movers/van lines find the administrative time by working with CRS in a managed  program reduces that time dramatically.  Employees are much more satisfied since they can work with a knowledgeable moving Consultant throughout their move. 

We will work directly with you and your employee structuring your program to fit best with your company’s current plan. Your employee or you can make the final selection of mover. We can arrange for your employee to pay for part or the entire move or have the cost direct billed to your company.

Consumers Relocation will save the company and the employee money in their move because of volume discounts and benefits provided due to our large volume of moves with the van lines. Our experience working with our van line partners for 15 years allows us to know the system and how to get things done that individuals or companies not in the transportation business may not be fully aware of.

Put the experts to work for you and your transferees! Make your job more effective and your transferee’s transition smoother. Call Consumers Relocation today and ask to speak with corporate marketing or send an e mail to info@consumersrelocation.com directed to corporate marketing.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The safest way to double your money is to fold it over and put it in your pocket. -- Kin Hubbard

Wow these days it just seems like such a struggle to keep ahead in business.  In our business, we should have had the best May, June and July in years!  But... always expect the unexpected right.  Since the van lines reduced their capacity over the last several years, "black out dates" started very very early.  I have heard that some Van Lines are still digging out with shipments that need to be picked up. Now that booking dates have eased up, we are starting to gain on it. 

On the good side, we have been able to maintain our high service levels this summer, and have had very few late shipments as compared to what I have heard about other organizations. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Several factors may stall the real housing recovery

Forbe's Thought For the Day  listed some interesting facts which may delay the real recovery for the real estate market.  Probably the one i found the most interesting was that there are 79 million Millenials; people between the ages of 18 and 34.  75 million baby boomers fueled the real estate boom in the late 90's and early 2000's.  The Millenials should have families and be more apt to buy houses in the next 10 years.  This could really fuel a housing boom! Additionally,, with the continued uncertainty of the real estate market now, there are many boomers on the "bubble" where they do want to sell their homes to retire, but hesitate until they think they can get the best return on it.  So, it seems that we might have to wait a while for the real recovery of that market.  Additionally, a number of banks are holding off on placing foreclosures on the market until they feel they can recoup more of their investment. 

We are getting calls from customers that put their moves on hold a year or two ago who have now sold their home.  Some of them had sold their home several times, but the deals fell through due to buyer not qualifying for a mortgage.

Guess we have to expect to hold on and wait for the real recovery.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Second Half of July and August looking better for scheduling moves

Summer should be for relaxing!!
After a brutal May and June, there seems to be some availability right now for getting moves scheduled the second half of July.  We are able to find some dates with some van lines earlier, but very sporadic based on location and date. 

For moves during the next several weeks, expect to get only one estimate if we find a mover with an open date.  If you are moving after the middle of July and contact us now, we can get more than one estimate.  So, do not procrastinate in calling us to get started if you are moving in July or early August!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

If you are moving this summer call NOW to get the ground work completed!

Considering the previous posting about date restrictions, we actually see some windows in July.  Most of our carriers do have availability in the second half of the month, with some earlier.  So if you plan to move in July or even August you need to get started with CRS now even if you do not have exact dates in mind, 

Thus, we can get your moving estimates completed, and your move lined up ahead of time.  Then book the dates you are looking for at the point when you can determine what will be best.  But, you should get the ground work done now with us. 

Call today to speak with a Consultant who will find out more about your move, schedule up to 3 estimates with separate carriers,  compare the estimates for you and assist you in making a selection.  Then book your move when you know your moving dates.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Some Humor and Cake during busy moving season

If you have been reading our monthly E News, you know that our favorite past time in the CRS headquarters is cooking and eating.  WELL, Sue in our office showed up today with this beauty!!!!

Already digging into it at 11:10 AM with coffee!!