Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Trends with smaller household goods shipments

During the Great Recession the moving industry contract as did many other industries.  Most van lines and local agents reduced their assets as well as their employees.  Capacity as a result was reduced across the board.  With the rebound of the economy and the improving real estate market van lines are scrambling to cover the increased demand on their services. 

During the past several years smaller shipments periodically ended up being picked up by a local agent, brought to their warehouse in anticipation that room on a van line truck would be found to the longer interstate shipment.  Some of these shipments ended up being delayed in loading and delivery.  Van lines are working on better ways to accommodate these smaller shipments in a more effective proactive way.

Most van lines are offering customers what is known as "crate and freight" among other names.  In actuality, these shipments when properly planned for are a great solution.  Many of the companies offering these services will pack shipments under say 4000 lb. into liftvans; which are used as "crates" for international shipments.  What is called an "international pack" is utilized in packing the items. An international pack is one that is very carefully done due to the rigors of shipping household goods overseas on ships.  This provides a very good solution to the smaller shipment logistics. 

When receiving estimates the local company will offer these services if their van line offers. and provide pricing for this service.  There may be added charges for this type of service due to the amount of packing and the more specialized way of handling.  One van line told me recently that the military actually considers this method a "premium service" and pays accordingly.

Call Consumers Relocation for more information on moving during this busy moving season.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Busy moving season started early

The 2015 moving season started early in most parts of the country.  April proved to be a busy month for many van lines.  It looks like its going to continue throughout the summer.

Fueled by an improving real estate market, it seems houses were selling earlier and that moving dates were being pushed up.  May has proven to be a very busy month with most van lines closing out availability by mid month.

June moves should choose and book with a mover as soon as possible,  The first week in June is very tight, and the balance of the month is expected to fill up quickly.

Due to CRS' priority with the Van Lines, we can in many cases. get moving dates that most people or smaller accounts can not on there own.  Call early to plan your move to insure you can move when you want to.

Also, plan on discounts on moves declining as movers have less available moving dates.  Many van lines have been saying that this year they plan to not discount as much during the summer months.  If you had an estimate done earlier in the year, and the effective period of that estimate has expired, plan on the cost of the move being revised upwards when you as for your estimate to be updated.