Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Moving when it's COOOLLLDD outside

If you plan to move this winter and you expect your moving truck to travel through cold temperatures, you need to think about what you plan to move.  Cold temperatures outside mean cold temperatures inside the truck!

Think twice about putting anything on the moving van that may be effected by cold temperatures.  Any long distance move through many parts of the US mean your moving van will be in cold areas for a number of days.  Just think about it, if you put a bottle of water outside for just one night in freezing temperatures most likely it will freeze.  Over a day and night it may burst! 

Even if you pack items in boxes they will eventually get cold enough to freeze.  Not only can freezing ruin the item but also ruin anything the item may burst onto or seep into. 

Kitchen items, beer, wine, certain fragile items will all be potentially effected by cold temperatures. 

So think twice about items that you are planning to move and if in doubt make other arrangements!

Our Consultants have many years of experience, just ask what they think before you pack the questionable items.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Where would you best like to move for a job?

A recent survey by Cartus Relocation asked several hundred HR professionals where their people would most like to move in 2014 for a job if they had a choice.  Here are the not so surprising results!

When asked where in the U.S. people wanted to relocate to these seven locations  topped the list:
1. New York City
2. San Francisco
3. San Diego
4. Boston
5. Chicago
6. Miami
7. Dallas