Monday, April 30, 2012

Fuel Surcharge continues to be large percentage of move costs

For those not involved daily in the transportation and moving business, the fact that fuel costs are a large component in the cost of moving might not be apparent.  BUT, if you are considering a move, fuel surcharges right not are running at 13-15% of the move cost!

Fuel surcharges have been a serious part of moving expenses for some time now.  And, in most cases the fuel surcharge can be moving target.  As the price of fuel goes up and down so does the fuel surcharge component.  Once you book your move, one important question is can the fuel surcharge portion be adjusted?  Generally, if you have booked your move with the mover, and all your paperwork is in, AND you have a binding quote or binding not to exceed quote, the fuel surcharge will not be adjusted.  This is generally, but policies do vary among companies  If you have a non binding quote, generally the fuel surcharge portion can be adjusted to current levels at the time of your move.  So, be sure to ask if a price adjustment is of a concern to you so you can be prepared.. 

Be sure to discuss this and all other moving issues with a Consumers Relocation Consultant.  We can help you take the mystery our of your move, while saving you time and money.  Call and ask to speak with a Consultant at 802-824-3496 or see

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Everyone gearing up for busy moving season

The much anticipated busy moving season starts now.  Already a surge in calls and activity signals the time when more people and families are planning their move.  One new customer called in today and sold their home in 2 days in the northeast!  This year as was the case last year, fewer drivers and crews exist throughout most of the major movers, so the van lines will be cautious about wanting moves scheduled further in advance.

Already, one of the major van lines has told us that they would like at least 8 days notice for scheduled pick ups on newly booked moves.  What this means to a family moving is that the process will have to start sooner to get the estimate for moving,  and then schedule the moving date.  Most others have not yet advised us of any restrictions going into the spring and summer.  But... we expect some time restrictions as we get further into May and June.

What all this means is that if you are planning a move in May or June you need to get the process started NOW.  At a minimum allow a week or more for the estimates, then plan to schedule your move out at least another one to two weeks to insure you get the moving dates you want.  As we get further into June allow more time to insure your selected moving dates, or you may have to settle on what is available.

As always, try to avoid scheduling moving dates close to holidays such as Memorial Day, and the end and beginning of the month during the summer.  These dates tend to be the busiest and most hectic. 

So call Consumers Relocation Services now to get started planning your move, obtaining estimates, and scheduling your move.  Your Consumers Relocation Consultant will lead you through the entire process and do all the leg work for you.  You will receive discounts and special benefits on your move as well as the guidance of a moving expert.  Also, an added bonus. you will receive our proprietary Moving Facts Booklet free of charge!
Call and ask to speak with a Consultant or fill our our initiation form online.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Last minute details before you move

With your pack and loading date fast approaching, there are some simple but important details to take care of.  Check all of your records to be sure Consumers Relocation and/or you selected mover has provided you a registration number, and confirmed dates and times of the move.  Also, be sure you understand the methods of payment and the expectations the moving company understands.

Registration numbers for moves indicate that your move is definitely on the movers books, is scheduled and in most cases a driver has been assigned.  Our Consultants always follow up to get this important piece of information to insure the move is set up.  Our customers should make the same effort as well.

Confirm the pack, load and delivery dates with the chosen mover.  Your Consumers Relocation Consultant will do this, but in the event that you have worked directly on booking your move with the mover, it is important that they confirm in writing the actual dates of the move. 

You should speak with the chosen mover about your intent in making payment for your move.  If you are paying by credit card, be sure that the moving company has all of your credit card information well ahead of time.  If you are paying with certified funds be sure you understand the amount needed for payment and the movers process for accepting this. 

Finally, if you are moving alone. it is often advisable to seek a relative or friend to be present with you at the time of loading and delivering.  These times can be quite hectic,  sometimes overwhelming; and extra set of hands and eyes can reduce the burden of answering the movers questions and working with the inventory lists. 

Call your CRS Consultant to get you started and help organize your move.  These helpful hints as well as a world of other assistance can be accessed simply by having a CRS Consultant to work with throughout.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring! Time to move your auto back up north?

Its that time of year when folks who went south for the winter ship their autos back north for the summer.  Consumers Relocation arranges for hundreds of auto shipments for its customers each year throughout the United States and internationally.  Using only proven and trustworthy transportation companies we look for good value, full insurance coverage as well as timely and safe arrivals of the auto shipment.

Although many of our auto shipments are in conjunction with household goods moves, a large number of customers are shipping their cars independently from making a relocation.  Our customers may be moving a car for their winter and summer homes, shipping newly purchased autos, or shipping autos for their children going to college. 

Door to door or terminal to terminal service is available; or a mix of the two.  Also, we partner with one company that drivers your auto for you allowing you to transport yourself or your pet in the auto move. 

Ask about shipping your boat too!

Call us to discuss your auto shipment needs and any Consultant in our office can assist you.  800-839-6683.