Thursday, July 18, 2019

Moving during this summer's heat waves!

Yikes!  Forecast is for 110 degrees in Washington DC this weekend!  Similar forecasts in a number of states in the country.

We hear about all the warnings for leaving children and pets in cars in any kind of heat.  Can you imagine what the inside of a moving van might be in summer heat over 100 degrees!  Or even 80 or 90 degrees.

When moving in this weather, everyone should be cautioned to think about what they might be moving in a moving van and the potential effects on certain items of heat.  The moving vans are crossing potentially very hot areas, and are exposed to the direct effects of the sun all day long.  Just a few items I can think of such as plants, and wine collections would definitely be effected by this heat.  Perhaps think of alternate ways of transporting anything you may be concerned about in a hot moving van.

Another important item!  Think about the moving crews that are providing the services to you.  They will be working very hard physically during the day; potentially in the sun, and humidity.  Have plenty of water and perhaps salt or bullion cubes available to these crews to prevent dehydration and salt loss!  They will be very grateful and you may be warding off any unfortunate effects of the heat and efficiency caused by the heat!

Be proactive give some thought in these extremely hot conditions and your move will go much smoother.

Call Consumers Relocation Services with any questions you might have on this and other topics for moving.  👍