Monday, May 7, 2012

Moving into storage during the busy moving season?

If you plan to move between now and September, and need to go into the mover's storage, you should consider your options for location of that storage.  Most likely you will have two options; storage at origin or storage at destination.
More than likely the mover that is preparing your moving estimate will encourage to you go into storage at origin.  This local agent may even offer you a great deal if you use storage at the location.  You need to ask the origin agent about scheduling delivery out of storage and how long it will take to get your new home once your home is ready or available.  During the summer months. interstate moves and scheduling them may take longer due to lack to date availability.   This may be especially true if you are moving cross county.  You must anticipate your move well in advance and do not expect to schedule the move out of storage last minute.

The other alternative will be storage at destination.  Most likely this storage facility will be close enough to your new home requiring only a local move once your home is ready.  The origin agent will not have as much leeway in pricing this storage since they do not control the storage at destination.  The destination storage pricing will most likely be dictated by that local agent since their storage facilities will be used.  However, it is possible that the destination agent will provide you a similar deal, but you need to ask.  The destination storage will enable you to get your things in a more timely manner.  This is the big advantage. 

So, if you are in this situation, consider your options carefully and ask the local agent about storage in both locations and delivery out of storage options.

As always. make sure to call Consumers Relocation to assist you in making all of these arrangements,  We can assist you in laying out all of your options and helping you through the details of making logistic decisions.  Call 800-839-6683 or see our website at