Thursday, February 14, 2013

Crazy weather may hamper moves

Moving this winter?  Just think if you were moving from Connecticut this past week!  Just heard that in Madison, CT; schools may be open today for the first time all week.  If the school bus' can't get through to pick children up, then a moving van surely will not arrive.  If weather forecasts call for bad weather; heavy snow, ice, or some other form of bad winter weather, plan to have delays on loading.

If you are moving to an area where bad weather is predicted; or poor weather en-route, the same possibilities exist for delays.  Plan to rearrange travel schedules, and other plans if it looks like poor weather will hamper the logistics of your move.

Picture taken near the top of Magic Mountain, Vermont

CRS Celebrates 20th Year of Great Customer Service

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Another View of our new home; Weston,VT

The Vermont Country Store!  A destination to visit for  sure!  Good food and great shopping.

Our  offices are right down Main Street from the Vermont  Country Store- dangerous penny candy department!