Monday, November 10, 2014

Shipping wine with your household goods?

This morning when I woke up to a deep frost and cold temperatures, couldn't help but think that pretty much anything exposed is going to freeze.  First call this morning was from a person who is moving in January and has a wine collection.

Our advise?  Do not ship a wine collection with your household goods on a moving van.  Shipping wine might be ok for a very short distance in a moderate climate, but long distances are extremely risky due the the wine's exposure to either cold or heat. 

Consider this; you try to ship your wine across country and suddenly the nation experiences another "polar vortex".  Last year one shipment going across country with a valuable wine collection was stuck in the polar vortex in the midwest and guess what.  It froze. 

Better to find and pay for a specialized wine shipper who may ship your collection by air or other means to protect it.