Thursday, May 19, 2011

More on mover delivering into self storage and mover liability

Several weeks ago we wrote about having household items delivered into self storage by the mover, and wanted to include a bit more information on the subject.  Our Consultants, and our Moving Facts Booklet both address this topic and how important it is to be on top of the delivery and to note any "exceptions" on the inventory as things are put into the storage unit by the driver and crew.  Here is an actual quote and statement made by the claims person at one of our van line partners about their liability for damage or missing items if the customer/'shipper has replacement valuation sufficient enough to cover the shipment.

"We can certainly understand the customer’s concerns about delivering into self storage.  Since she will be hiring a local mover to deliver her out, it is very important that she examine every item going into the storage unit, as it is her responsibility to note any exceptions on the Inventory for missing articles or articles that may have been damaged during transportation with XYZ  She would also be responsible to check-off the Inventory to make certain all items were delivered into storage.  She would also have to note any crushed cartons as well.  We will speak with the driver to make sure he gives her plenty of time to do this. 

Our liability would be limited to the loss or damage exceptions she notes on the Inventory going into the storage unit. 

Once she delivers out of the storage unit, any subsequent loss or damage would be the sole responsibility of the local company who moved her to the residence."

If this process is followed, we do not expect any problems on coverage for lost or damaged items if a claim for such is filed.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Flooding where you don't expect it? Moving to a new area with rivers or lakes close by?

When your moving to a new area and occupying a new home, sometimes you would never expect a flood.  "Oh that hasn't flooded since 19xx or 18xx"  This year we have seen the floods no one expected.  In our area Lake Champlain is 3 feet over flood stage, the largest lake flooding in history! 

The USGS reports

"The highest recorded level at the gage in Burlington was 101.86 feet above mean sea level on April 27, 1993. An historical maximum lake level of 102.1 feet above mean sea level was measured on May 4, 1869 at Rousses Point, New York. The mark left by the rising water was measured on a railroad bridge.
The minimum lake level observed in Burlington was 92.6 feet above mean sea level on December 4, 1908"

Now if you were buying a home in Rouses Point would you just say it will never flood over 102 here, I'm fine?.
You wouldn't be so lucky this year. 

So if your settling into a new area. with the crazy weather we have had, it is all the more important to look into the potential hazards yourself.  Do your own research rather than rely on others.  It may save you alot of money in the future. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Moving into Public/Self Storage- Delivery Tips

In this busy moving season we are seeing more customers choosing a delivery into self storage when storage is needed.  Possibly the trend is due to the economy and the need to cut costs in the move.  Self storage does present some added considerations and precautions when being delivered and they must be seriously followed to prevent any misunderstandings.    

The movers can deliver the shipment to a public/self storage facility of your choosing in your destination state. As noted above, be advised that once the shipment is unloaded into public/self storage the mover is released of all liability, even if you discover damage at a later date to boxes that the professionals packed.
Therefore, once again, any damaged or missing items must be notated on the inventory as the items are being placed into the facility. The movers will not consider a claim if you move the items out of the public/self storage unit before filing. It is very important that you or someone you trust is there to oversee the delivery into the facility. CRS also recommends that you research public/self storage locations prior to choosing one to determine their access limitations. If a tractor trailer cannot easily access the unit you will incur additional charges for shuttle/auxiliary service. Many newer facilities are designed to accommodate tractor trailers.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Interesting historical chart of existing home sales through part of the recession

Year   U.S. Northeast Midwest South West
2008       4,913,000          849,000        1,129,000     1,865,000 1,070,000
2009       5,156,000          868,000        1,163,000     1,914,000 1,211,000
2010       4,907,000          817,000        1,076,000     1,860,000 1,154,000
    Seasonally Adjusted Annual Rate
2010  Mar       5,440,000          910,000        1,220,000     2,010,000 1,290,000
2010  Apr       5,800,000       1,090,000        1,340,000     2,150,000 1,230,000
2010  May       5,680,000          890,000        1,320,000     2,160,000 1,300,000
2010  Jun       5,230,000          880,000        1,210,000     1,970,000 1,170,000
2010  Jul       3,860,000          630,000           800,000     1,540,000 890,000
2010  Aug       4,240,000          700,000           860,000     1,660,000 1,020,000
2010  Sept       4,410,000          740,000           930,000     1,710,000 1,030,000
2010  Oct       4,380,000          740,000           920,000     1,700,000 1,030,000
2010  Nov       4,640,000          770,000           980,000     1,770,000 1,120,000
2010  Dec      5,220,000          870,000        1,120,000     1,950,000 1,270,000
2011  Jan      5,400,000          830,000        1,150,000     2,050,000 1,370,000
2011  Feb r      4,920,000          770,000        1,050,000     1,840,000 1,260,000
2011  Mar p      5,100,000          800,000        1,060,000     1,990,000 1,250,000
vs. last month: 3.7% 3.9% 1.0% 8.2% -0.8%
vs. last year: -6.3% -12.1% -13.1% -1.0% -3.1%