Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Busy Moving Season Fast Approaching

Those that work in the relocation industry and those that moved last summer, will remember the issues with capacity.  The moving industry downsized over the past several years due to the severe recession.  As a result, the number of trucks, drivers, and crews available last summer to handle a large spike in moving activity were inadequate.  Blacked out dates for loading and moving became the norm.  Relocation companies like Consumers Relocation scrambled to find moving partners to accommodate the higher volume of moves. 

Over this past year, many of the van lines have been working to increase their capacity by training new drivers and adding new equipment.  In a meeting with the executives of one of the largest van lines they indicated that their were trying to increase their capacity to handle last summers spike of volume.

None the less, when planning for a move between May and September, as much lead time as possible should be taken in starting the move process.  If at all possible try to move either before or after June; the very busiest month.  Call Consumers Relocation and speak with a Consultant to gain more insight into planning your move and the critical timing.

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