Monday, November 29, 2010

What to Expect When Moving Over the Holidays.

Moving around the holidays is not ideal, but sometimes cannot be avoided. Some people think that the moving truck drivers work 24/7 but believe it or not, they have a life too! They are like normal people with families that would like to spend the holidays at home. However, there are some drivers that decide not to celebrate the holidays and would rather work.

Aaron Roth, Sr. Move Manager for Wheaton World Wide Moving says "Many drivers want to be home for the holidays so they will plan their trip assignments to ensure they are home in time. Some drivers may finish delivering all the shipments on his truck a couple of weeks before Christmas and/or Thanksgiving, and then head home without a reload. Other drivers may ask for a reload, but limit the number of shipments being loaded so that he gets home quickly."

If you are looking to move during the holidays, the movers will factor in those days when determining a delivery spread. The movers will typically exclude holidays from the spread, but that does not mean they will not deliver on the holiday if the driver can do so. The movers plan accordingly to avoid late deliveries.

So if you are planning a move over the holidays, note that it can be done! Especially with a little flexibility! You can contact any one of our consultants at CRS for more information on moving over the holidays.

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