Wednesday, September 4, 2019

What Consumers Relocation does behind the scenes!

Customers that use our services certainly know what we do as we work with them throughout their move.  Visible are steps like organizing their move with them, ordering the moving estimates, comparing and reviewing the estimates.  And then all the follow up steps with each customer to be sure they are on track.  And.. post move follow ups. 

But probably one of the most critical behind the scenes steps is maintaining contact with the customer's chosen van line/mover to be sure they are all set as well!  After all, they are the ones that will be providing the onsite service to our customer.  Both the van line and local agent must be on the same page with loading instructions, dates, delivery instructions and the like. 

A follow up goes to every van line/mover prior to each move to obtain a registration number and a driver assignment.  A registration number indicates the move is in the van line's dispatch system, and the driver assignment insures there is a truck and driver assigned to the move.  We do this follow up until we are satisfied that both steps have been taken by the van line.  No answer on either one raises a huge RED FLAG.

Consumers Relocation conducts many behind the scenes activities to insure a move goes as smoothly as possible.  Looking at google maps to determine if a truck will likely have access to a home that seems to be in a remote area!  If you are moving to Vermont, so many little tiny dirt roads exist.  Sharp bends in the road could put a tractor trailer in a culvert!

Experienced Consultants at Consumers Relocation know the ropes, and can be critical in the moves planning, even the activities you would normally think would be all taken care of.

Call Consumers Relocation for your next Company moves or individual moves and let the experts guide you through the process.


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