Monday, April 30, 2018

How do I get my car ready to be shipped?

If you are planning to ship your car, there are some things that you should know before shipping.

-First and foremost, you car needs to be in operable condition; meaning you can drive it, it steers, and the brakes work.  If your car does not operate normally, they it is called an "inoperable vehicle".  Inoperable vehicles must have special arrangements in order to ship. and the quote you receive to ship your car should reflect that it is inoperable.  If the transmission is manual then the emergency brake must be operable.  Additionally, the driver side door and window need to be in working order as well. 

-The auto shipping company should know of any modifications to your vehicle prior to providing a quote to ship.  Examples would be a camper or cap on a pickup truck, low vehicle clearance, four week drive lift, or any other modifications which might effect your cars placement on an auto carrier trailer or its transport.

-You need to prepare for a full set of keys for the auto carrier when they pick your vehicle up; a good plan ahead item.

- If your vehicle is more than 7 feet in height, or lower than 4 inches in ground clearance you need to provide this information to the auto company that is getting your quote.  These dimensions will have an effect on the way the vehicle is shipped and may effect your quote.  

-Most quotes are door to door quotes meaning the driver will pull the carrier up to your the place of origin or destination as close as possible.  If access is questionable for a large tractor trailer, then you should determine an alternate meeting place to meet the truck such as a shopping center parking lot, or other large parking area that would be acceptable to the owner of the property, you and the driver.  If there is a question about the tractor trailer using the property you should seek to get permission ahead of time.

If there are any other questions regarding preparing your vehicle ahead of time you should seek advice from the carrier you choose.  Much better to do this ahead of time than when the carrier arrives!   This can prevent time delays, extra work and potentially added cost. 

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