Monday, April 2, 2018

Responsibilities upon delivery of shipped household goods and autos

As we enter the busy season and more families are moving, a few simple steps at delivery can make settling in much easier and cost effective.  Taking the time to thoroughly inspect the items being delivered is of utmost importance!

With any delivery of shipped items, there is always a load inspection and a delivery inspection to be sure all items are being delivered in the same condition as when they were loaded.   The drivers of the trucks, who are the managers of your move, will inspect your items as they are loaded onto the truck and note any damages, scratches, or other irregularities with the items at the time of loading.  For household goods, the driver will note these on the inventory listing which you will be asked to sign when loading is completed.  For auto shipments, you will be asked to sign a condition report which notes any scratches or dents present on the auto at loading.  Before you sign these important documents, you must be sure you agree with the driver's assessment of the condition of your items.  If you disagree discuss with the driver before you sign!  This document will be the basis for any future claims you might have for condition of items at the time of delivery and for the paperwork that any claims/insurance person will use in settling a claim for damage. 

When your items are delivered the driver will ask you to inspect items and make any notations necessary regarding damage you believe was incurred during the shipment.  You must make notations on the paperwork that the driver is using to document any condition changes you believe occurred during loading, shipment or delivery.  If damages occur after unloading make notations on the inventory paperwork as well.  Again your written comments will be used by the final claims person in settling your claim. 

If you need assistance with this process please be sure to call your Consultant at Consumers Relocation during the process; not afterward. 

It can be very easy to ignore these important steps in the process of moving.  But... when you sign the delivery paperwork you are acknowledging that the items were all delivered, and in the condition noted on the paperwork  You are the only party at load and delivery besides the driver conducting  these inspections. 

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