Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Moving? Preparing for possible delays in the summer

Delays!  Seems like we see them often in our everyday life!  The vast majority of our experiences are on time ones!  But it is the few times we are delayed that we remember the most.  We need to be prepared for those few times we are delayed to make them more tolerable. 

Spring and summer are the busiest time of the year to move.  This year, with the driver shortage scheduling pack, load and delivery of your household goods presents a challenge for dispatchers and local agents around the country.  Everyone's objective is to schedule these important dates around the needs of our customers and meet every customers expectations in hitting those dates!  However, just like everything in life, we must have a back up plan in case delay's occur.

Delays can occur during busy times for a variety of reasons.  Weather, mechanical issues, sickness, customer delays, larger shipments than expected and the like can create a delay in a moving van.  I recently attended the loading of an automobile by a carrier. This truck was enormous!  I asked the driver if he had issues moving in the snow.  He said he had special chains for the truck, but in a bad storm he would prefer to hunker down somewhere and not travel.  "The last thing I want is to skid off the road and damage someones $50,000 car!"  Not only a safety issue but also customer satisfaction issue of doing everything possible to insure their goods are delivered the way they were picked up.

So, with all the variables, over 90% of the shipments we manage are delivered within the delivery spreads provided for in our customer's order for service.  But, everyone must take some small precautions to be sure their life is not totally disrupted if a delay should occur.  Yes the van lines we use all will compensate our customers for delays which is intended to cover their living expenses due to delay,  But, everyone needs to think about the necessities they need to carry out the things they intend to do when they arrive in their new location.

Be prepared to live without the items being shipped.  If you are working, pack seperately any work cloths needed to work for a short period of time; say several days.  If the delay is longer, you can always clean some of them  If you are moving to a warmer climate, take cloths you may need there for warmer weather.  And, if your computer is importand, plan to take it with you and not on the moving truck.  If you have important medication, carry it with you.  Empty house at destination?  Perhaps if you have a large family, blow up mattress' would be a fun adventure of camping out in your new house with the kids!

Being prepared for the unexpected with a plan is smart!  Even if you can not take all the items you may need if you encounter a delay in delivery, a plan on how to cope and obtain nececssary items can make  the situation much more tolerable.

Our Consultants work one on one with all of our customers to deliver valuable information throughout our customer's moves. Should unexpected things happen during our customer's move, one call to their Consultant will heip them through with alternatives. courses of action and information.  Call Consumers Relocation to manage your next move. 

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