Thursday, June 6, 2019

Recruitment and talent acquisition move assistance

Every HR conference we went to this year was well attended by company recruiters and talent acquisition specialists.  Everyone of them spoke of the challenges they encountered in attracting new professionals to their organizations!  Everyone of them who spoke to us about our Move Management services expressed interest and said "boy could I use your services when I bring people in from out of state or over seas".

Many organizations large and small seem to be struggling with the notion of assisting  newly hired employees with their relocation to the new location.  Some organizations have a solid policy of reimbursement for new hires' moves while others have none.  Mostly none!

Our services are used a lot for newly hired employees whether the company is simply reimbursing the employee for costs, paying for move costs directly or a combination of both.  We are used also for companies that will not be participating in the cost of the move but wish to offer move assistance that will save the employee time and money when they move! 

Simply, at the least an employee moving from out of state is going to spend time and money moving their personal belongings, whether a complete household or one room of things.  In most cases they will be charged with the daunting task of figuring out the logistics of moving a full household or simply a small amount that will not fit into their car.  And, they are dealing with time constraints of getting to their new job on a schedule which accommodates their new employer. 

I was talking to one health care professional yesterday who was asking what our company does.  She explained she just moved from Florida, and all her Regional Health Care System did was give her a couple local real estate magazines with homes for sale and contacts!  That was it!  No prearranged services to ease her transition or guidance about suppliers which may assist. 

Consumers Relocation provides move coordination assistance and vehicle shipping from anywhere in the country or world eliminating the complicated task for the employer of finding reputable movers and auto shippers in out of state or country locations.  We provide the new hire guidance and one on one assistance with a professional Consultant in our office for the physical move portion of their relocation; allowing them to concentrate on their new job; not getting there.  We provide the employee or employer vetted proven movers with specific contract guidelines for pricing and service delivery anywhere in the country or world.  We provide the resources for small moves that need to be containerized to large full service moves.

We alleviate the "deer in the headlights" syndrome for an employee when they are faced with a long distance move and don't know where to start!   We provide the employer a valuable service to offer their employee to eliminate that shock!  Both the employee and employer win.

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